blog1Like always the Legacy of Legends was a wonderful event.  Ricky had a great time and I only heard positive feedback from anyone I talked to.  Ricky started a colt, affectionately named Tony Montana from a scar he has on his nose. His registered name is Whisky Neat (by Moving Easy Whiskey and out of Sweet Natural) but around the house we just call him Tony, which seems to fit him quite well. Ricky was really happy with how things went with getting Tony prepared and ridden.

Now that Tony is “home” in Nebraska he is getting the newby treatment.  I, Sarah, have been spending most of the time with him; feeding him, brushing him, vaccinating, deworming, picking up feet, simple groundwork and all that goes with letting him learn that we are a really positive place for him to be.  We have found that there is so much value and quality education gained from giving a colt (or even older horse that needs it) a little bit of time to let the “good horses” teach them how to be. Our older horses are so honest and ask and release in the most classy of ways and that really comes through as the young horse comes into work.  Tony has obviously already been surrounded with quality and fair horses as this hasn’t been a huge learning curve for him but it never hurts to learn how to be better. Taking some time now to help him really let down really pays off later in their education. We really work to encourage our horses to think through things and the more they feel like your partner and are comfortable with you the more solid that foundation of thinking instead of reacting really is.

As far as feeding and health Tony looks great. Our intention now, while we have the chance to be in one place here at home is to get ahead of the game with keeping him nice and fat with lots of muscle mass. Once Tony goes on the road it can be hard on them and it is really hard to get back to primo condition while on the road. We really believe in spreading out vaccines over a couple of weeks and start that process next week. He has great feet so once his feet have all been roped and he is solid with his understanding of standing on three legs we will trim him a few times then put shoes on for the practice.  Tony is also spending lots of time at the salt and mineral tubs just loading up. We make our own mineral and it is very soothing on their guts so that is another great way to start life on the road, with an extra healthy digestive tract.

I will keep Tony here with me in NE while Ricky goes to Ireland to keep him under our care and management. I will continue with groundwork and exposing him to things while Ricky is gone, until I have a baby!  Then, he will go on the road with Ricky in May.