April 22-24 Chesapeake, VA
Horsemanship 1
Contact: Marilyn Obie – 757.784.7793 – hossboss@triplerranch.org

May 20-22 Archie, MO
Horsemanship 1 and Cow Working
Contact: Brenda Merriott – 816.309.8063 – bmaddux@ymail.com

July 4-8  North Platte, NE
Horsemanship 1 and Cow Working
Contact: Ricky Quinn – 308.539.3009

August 26-28 Sultan, WA
Foundation Horsemanship and Horsemanship 1
Contact: Evan Bonner – 360.551.3736

September 2-4 Banks, OR
Horsemanship 1 and Horsemanship 2
Contact: Nick and Jessie Donohue – 503.593.8775
Info@DonohueHorsemanship.com – Donohue Horsemanship

November 4-6 Haskell, OK
Horsemanship 1 and Cow Working
Contact: Tommy and Tammy Kilgore – 918.605.4300

November 12-13 Mt. Vernon, AR
Horsemanship 1
Contact: Jared Sullivan – 501.849.4876



In the COLT STARTING class, Ricky rides the un-started or troubled horses. He prepares the horse to do a job while addressing some basic principles of this style of horsemanship.

FOUNDATION HORSEMANSHIP is an expansion of the principles learned in the colt starting. He will work on getting to the feet through ground work, hind quarters, reaching with the front, accepting a flag, ropes, slickers, release of pressure, etc. HORSEMANSHIP 1 continues on this path. The better things get from the ground, the more time is spent riding and utilizing the same principles from the horses back to get a job done of a much higher quality. HORSEMANSHIP 2 is a further expanse of basic horsemanship with goals of further refinement. This class is either offered with or without cattle.

RANCH ROPING is a combination of horsemanship and roping. He teaches the principles of practical ranch roping covering aspects as simple as building a loop, all the way to tying off. In the COW WORKING class, students concentrate on the basics of cattle handling horseback and also incorporates roping skills. No matter what class you choose to be in, Ricky will challenge you and your horse to better your skills and help keep you both safe.

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